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Re: Finding Home

Posted: Wed Jun 12, 2024 5:14 pm
by Quaxo9
Nairn Tuckamore

She let out a long, slow breath as Tempest and Anakita volunteered to come with her. Both women were recognized as 'safe' by her brain which made focusing on her stealth spell so much easier. Anakita unknowingly solved Nairn's next problem - how to ask Tempest if she'd like to keep her hand free. Clearly the ranger would need both her hands to set traps, so she could make her suggestion universal.

"You should allow me to hold onto a piece of your clothing or a belt to allow you to move freely." As an afterthought, she turned to Tempest, "Touching someone else may break the spell. I will do my best to allow you to avoid this."

True to her word, once connected to both ranger and mage, the three of them winked out of sight before the distinct swirl of a shadow portal opened beneath where they had been standing. The pale swirling mist disappeared almost instantly - Nairn had decided that closing the portal would be the safest bet.

The three vanguards found themselves within the courtyard of the dilapidated keep, the main fighting was behind them and the ranged fighters above them. Nairn herself was in no rush. She didn't pull on the hastily-made reins, but allowed Anakita and Tempest to move freely. If the ranger stopped to place a trap, she'd send a gentle tug to Tempest and then one more when the trap was laid to signal the go-ahead.

Nairn walked the trio past the first few guards. They weren't the ones who had called them, after all. Melar had. She had intended to walk directly to the elf leader, but the next room slowed her pace. It was a makeshift infirmary. This was where Tempest said she'd wanted to be. And so, she simply dropped the veil where they stood. Surely someone could direct Anakita and herself to Melar from here.

Re: Finding Home

Posted: Sun Jun 16, 2024 6:20 pm
by Monkey Kitty
Tempest Rutherford and Anakita Snakecharm

The guards at the door started to raise an alarm at the abrupt appearance of the trio, but a familiar voice said, "It's alright. They're allies. Thank you for coming, friends."

It was Melar. In the infirmary. Tempest hoped he was merely encouraging his wounded - a rather futile hope, in the middle of a battle - but she saw that the elf leader had been shot through with two arrows, one in the thigh and the other through the shoulder, barely missing his heart and lungs and reducing his breathing to a shallow rasp.

"Of course," Tempest replied. "We're here to help. If you will allow me to treat your injuries, Farsight - and those of anyone else who is too gravely wounded to join in an escape - we can get you out of here."

"Get us out of here?" Melar gasped. "No. No! That was not... not why I called for aid. We must stand against them. We aren't giving up, not giving..." He lost his breath, and drew in a few shuddering, partial lungfuls of air.

"Oh, no, we aren't giving up," Anakita assured him. "We're just regrouping. We have more people outside, sowing some chaos and joining up with your people. Once we get to them, we can finish this. But we have to get you out of here, first. You're pinned. You're trapped in here."

"I know," Melar said with a sigh. "The fight seems hopeless."

"It's not!" Anakita said with a grin. "Don't worry. We've got this."

Tempest nodded her agreement, rather impressed with how well the Ranger had pithily summarized the situation and... somehow... seemed to be setting the leader at ease.

"I have something else here that will benefit your cause," Tempest added, gesturing to a sheaf of papers tucked between layers of her robes. "Ulga asked me to bring it to you. It's proof of how the unrest started. That refugees were stranded against their will with nowhere to go. That humans have been stirring up conflict between the elves and the local population. It won't matter to the mercenaries, but..."

Melar's eyes shone with sudden hope. "But to others, it will. It means this might be our last battle. We may be able to negotiate peace with this. I am so grateful to you for bringing me this. I must ask you one last favor, though. I have... difficulty walking, unrelated to my current injury and not fixable through magical healing. I will slow down the retreat if I attempt to go with you. You must take this evidence to the king in my stead. I'll hold them off as long as possible--"

"Oh, nope!" Anakita said cheerfully. "We're not gonna do it that way. We're getting you out of here. I'll piggyback you if you want!"

Tempest and Melar both stared at the Ranger, attempting to discern if she was joking. There was no sign that she was.

"One way or another, everyone is getting out of here," Tempest assured him. She began healing him and the other soldiers with immediately perilous wounds, preparing to flee as soon as possible.

Re: Finding Home

Posted: Tue Jul 02, 2024 3:08 pm
by Quaxo9
Nairn Tuckamore

lt had been fine when she was outside among friends. It had been fine when it was just the three of them in the passageway. But now here, in this room with a ceiling that felt just a little too low for her norn stature, surrounded by people she didn't know, Nairn felt the walls moving in. She didn't understand the feeling, at first. She liked caves and small spaces...usually. But in those types of spaces she was usually alone. When a woman approached her, Nairn nearly stepped back.

"Can you veil us and walk us out of here?" her bloodied eye pleaded for a positive answer, but Nairn could only shake her head.

"How about the spell? Can you teach us?" A man whispered from his spot on the floor. Again, she shook her head 'no'. He looked like he was about to ask why, but dropped his head, presumably conserving his strength.

She was relieved that they didn't press her for a better answer. A real answer. Something with substance - an explanation, even. But they didn't and through her selfish relief she sensed their weariness. Hopelessness. Nairn turned her head to catch Anakita's eye before she trotted out of the room, back the way they'd come.

She might not be able to get the infirm out of the keep, but she could help make a path for their exit while Tempest healed the worst of the wounds. Nairn stepped around the traps and casually jogged out into the keep's courtyard. She could see their people fighting the mercenaries ahead of her. The enemy was sandwiched between the party and the walls of the keep now and some men turned toward the keep in desperation instead of aggression. The cowards did not fare well against her blade, nor against the arrows of the elves positioned on the ramparts above.

Re: Finding Home

Posted: Fri Jul 19, 2024 6:59 pm
by Monkey Kitty
Anakita Snakecharm and Tempest Rutherford

Anakita glanced over at the retreating Norn, then at Tempest, then back at Melar. Leaving him behind wasn't an option. But there weren't a lot of other options left. The elves were mostly injured, and needed to be able to defend themselves. Tempest didn't look like she could carry another adult, especially as she was starting to tire from the healing magic she was doing. Nairn was gone.

"So," Anakita said. "About that piggyback..."

Melar looked aghast. "Absolutely not!"

Anakita grinned. "Got a better idea? If so, I'm all ears."


The group charged back out of the Keep, down the passage Nairn had cleared, with Melar slung over Anakita's back and Tempest using her magic as sparingly as possible to cover their retreat - there would likely be other battle casualties who needed her attention.

By the time they met up with the rest of the group, the fighting had been intense, but the arrival of the newcomers had turned the tide for the beleaguered elves. The mercenaries were staring to retreat. It seemed a relatively flawless victory.


Sellia approached Nairn, looking panicked. "Can you help me?" she asked. Her eyes were wild, her cheeks flushed with a fresh blood meal - but the terror in her eyes was not the heat of battle. "I can't find Gwindor. I think they took him. Can you help me track him down?"