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Forum Rules

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Welcome to Quarrels and Quills. We encourage participation in the forums, and realize that many of us come from different background and differing beliefs. In order to maintain a spirit of friendship and harmony amongst each other, we ask that you bear in mind the following rules.

1. No profanity. Please respect yourselves and other members by censoring yourself when you post. In terms of posting in stories, it is understandable at times. However, let's try to keep things PG-13 both in and out of character.

2. Harassment, flaming, threats, insults or other types open hostility directed at another member (or members) of Quarrels and Quills will not be tolerated. It doesn't matter if it is done openly on the forums, or privately through Private Messages. Treat the other members with respect.

3. Neither posts nor private messages may contain content promoting the use of illegal drugs, alcohol, sex, pornography, nudity, or any other form of adult content, hate, "spam," fraud, racism, MLM, pyramid schemes, or promote any kind of illegal activity. We don't like spam in our email, nor do we like it on our site.

4. Impersonating another person with the intent to deceive or with any kind of malicious intent is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

5. Creating a duplicate account for your character(s) is acceptable. Creating duplicate accounts for the intent of harassing or other malicious purposes will not be tolerated.

6. Please create your new topics in the appropriate forums, and do not post the same topic in more than one forum. Inappropriately placed topics will be moved to their appropriate forums, if necessary, and duplicate topics may be merged or deleted at a staff member's discretion.

7. If you believe another member is violating the rules in any way, please do not take it upon yourself to correct the person or argue with them. Please inform the staff and let them handle the situation to prevent it from getting any further out of hand.

8. If you have received a private message from another user that you believe violates the rules, do not respond to that member directly. Instead, forward the message to a staff member for him or her to handle, or ignore it completely.

9. Please be aware of copyright laws. The unlawful reproduction or posting of copyrighted materials is unacceptable. Never pass off someone else's work as your own.

Please note that these rules serve as guidelines in regards to a member's behavior on Quarrels and Quills, and staff members' discretion is always in effect. The staff members are not here to enforce the rules, but rather, to keep the various forums running smoothly in whatever manner they see fit. Each staff member will have his or her own style, and some may be more relaxed than others. Regardless of the staff member's style, it is important to remember that the staff member's word is final. If unacceptable behavior is encountered, the staff members will take whatever actions that they deem necessary, up to and including possible banning from the site.

The most important thing to remember here at Quarrels and Quills is to have fun. We are all here to talk about what we enjoy. Let's work together to keep Quarrels and Quills enjoyable for everyone.

Originally posted by Jason Sanborn, co-founder of Quarrels and Quills.