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Re: A Visit to London

Posted: Sun Feb 11, 2024 3:52 pm
by Monkey Kitty
Eve Travers and Cambria Morehouse

"We could look at some property deeds," Cambria mused. "But maybe there's a way that's simpler than that. What if we asked at the Leaky Cauldron? They pretty much know everybody there. I could say... that I wandered by their house and thought their garden was really beautiful, and wanted to ask for some tips from whoever lives there?"

As it turned out, Cambria didn't even need her cover story - as soon as she inquired about the address, the bartender seemed surprised she didn't already know that it was the home of Mr. and Mrs. Madison, an important and well-connected couple with plenty of money to spare.

When Cambria reported back, Eve said, "I know them. Knew. Reginald and Dorinda. Dorinda was pregnant at the same time I was. Her daughter is a few months older than Liam. Arminda, I think her name was."

"Were they Death Eaters?" Cambria asked curiously.

Eve shook her head. "Not as such. They didn't work for... you know. No Dark Marks on arms in that household. But they were the same social circle. Friends with all the same people. Probably believed all the same things, even if they never joined."

Cambria nodded, not surprised. Apparently the parents' racial politics hadn't changed, and had passed on to another generation.

"So it's probably Arminda and her friends," Cambria said thoughtfully. "Granrod said his attackers were young, so it's probably her, not the parents. Maybe Lucie could follow her? We could definitely use some more proof. I wish there was some way inside that house..."

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Posted: Tue Feb 20, 2024 5:07 pm
by Quaxo9
Rosemary Bain and Lucie the Jackdaw

"Well, she could follow her and have a poke around, say, Arminda's bedroom?"

Rosemary ran her fingers over a small talisman and Lucie soon dropped out of the darkness to alight on the fence post in front of the three women.

"Lucie, would you be interested in having a poke about up in that house there?" She gestured upward at the mansion. "Try the upper floor - we're hoping you might find a girl's bedroom?"

She didn't need to tell the jackdaw what to look for. It wasn't the bird's first b&e. Besides, if anyone was to have a window open - it was usually their bedroom window. Hopefully there might be some clues lying about for a bird to notice.

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Posted: Thu Feb 22, 2024 6:02 pm
by Monkey Kitty
Inside the Madison House

Arminda Madison's quarters were the fairly ordinary dwellings of a young adult witch from a very well-to-do London family. She had a well-appointed bedroom, as well as a sitting room of her own. All were impeccably clean, although this was more likely the work of the house elves who toiled tirelessly for the family, rather than of the young lady herself.

There was no obvious evidence of dark magic, or hidden crimes, or a secret double life - Arminda was just a bored socialite with too much money and too little to do, it seemed.

Well, perhaps not quite so bored as all that, Lucie would discover upon examining her desk, which appeared to be the only part of the room that had been touched since the house elves had cleaned.

First, a single, seemingly innocuous Chocolate Frog card featuring the black haired and purple-eyed wizard Yardley Platt. The picture gazed up at Lucie with cool, cynical eyes.

Beneath, a book - a slim, blue-jacketed volume with the bookmark indicating it was half-read: Goblin Rebellions: Why Are They Doomed to Failure?

And then, poking out just beneath, a parchment with a magical illustration - a particularly unflattering caricature of a wizard's imaginings of stereotypical goblin features. The picture was of course enchanted, and its subject leered at the reader with a scowling, greedy mien. The paper was folded, obscuring most of the text, but the bold headline proclaimed, Would You Allow This Creature A Wand?

There was ample evidence, it seemed, of Arminda's current interests.

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Posted: Sun Feb 25, 2024 2:34 pm
by Quaxo9
Rosemary Bain and Lucie the Jackdaw

Lucie's eyes immediately spotted the brightly coloured card and the bird sat on the edge of the desk, turning her head this way and that, analyzing the picture. She reached for it when something under the book moved and she jumped back out of an abundance of caution. When nothing happened, she moved closer to inspect the movement - nothing more than a picture. The jackdaw tugged it out from under the book and piled it on top of the card. She paused, then pulled the bookmark out of the book. Whether that was to be contrary or just because she was a bird, she probably didn't know herself. The bookmark landed on the pile. Beak full, she fluttered to the window, paused on the ledge to look for cats, then swooped down into the shadows where Rosemary and her friends waited.

The little pile of papers landed in her hand and Rosemary petted the bird's breast and cooed her praise for her cleverness and bravery. Lucie cawed and bobbed her head in reply. Rosemary passed Cambria and Eve each a piece of the evidence Lucie had returned with. Herself, she held what looked to be an ordinary bookmark. She turned it over, looking for a signature in case it had been gifted. It would do to know as much about Arminda as they could gather.

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Posted: Sun Feb 25, 2024 5:09 pm
by Monkey Kitty
Cambria Morehouse and Eve Travers

"Yardley Platt," Cambria said, turning the card over in her hand. "Lovely."

That alone, of course, was not damning. Many young people collected Chocolate Frog cards, and those depicting criminals were subjects of great interest to curious youth. Still, taken in conjunction with everything else, a card depicting a serial killer of goblins was particularly distasteful.

Eve, meanwhile, frowned at the flyer. She opened it and skimmed it, trying to determine if anything was of use, but shook her head.

"Nothing," she said. "It just goes on and on like that. Maybe if we could figure out who printed it, but it's not signed - that's a needle in haystack."

The bookmark, though, proved of more interest. It was not personalized or signed, but it did bear the mark of the place of purchase; in fancy gold script, it read, 'H, H, & H, Ltd.'

Rosemary might recognize this as the insignia of Haversham, Haversham, and Haversham Limited, a small boutique shop that advertised themselves as purveyors of 'specialty' books - though exactly what that specialty might be was unclear. Eve had never heard of them, because their moment of scandal had occurred while she was in Azkaban, but the other two might recall a kerfuffle with the Ministry over some books for sale that were said to promote violence against Muggles. The shopkeepers had denied this, and said they provided books for informational purposes only without censorship. An agreement had ultimately been reached where the worst of the offending volumes were removed from the shelves and the Ministry tacitly agreed not to look too closely at the rest of the inventory, but a cloud of suspicion remained.

"Should we do some book shopping while we're out and about?" Cambria suggested.