Game Forum Requests

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Game Forum Requests

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Even as we rebuild Quarrels and Quills, new stories are always welcome. Use the following form to request a new forum.

Campaign/Game Name: Name that will be the used for the forum.

Story Wing: Appropriate story genre wing for the game forum to placed in. If you do not see the genre wing you want your game in currently, fear not, we can always create one.

Brief Description: A brief description of the campaign/game setting that will appear beneath the forum name. Please no more than two or three sentences.

Game Master(s): Optional. This is where you would list yourself and/or any other players that would have Game Master status over the forum. A forum does not have to have a GM. If, on the other hand, you want to have more control over your setting, assign yourself as GM. Leaving this blank assumes no GM.

Number of Confirmed Players: Number of players aside from yourself. You should have a couple new players if you want to start a game, but can open a forum with as little as one new player (aside from yourself).

Note: Archived stories can also be requested to be revived by posting in this thread too.
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